Introducing LabOA’s Social Innovation Hub


We launched Learning Organizations Laboratory (LabOA) in 2017 with our partner, Centraide du Grand Montréal. Our guiding question has been: how do we help community organizations to develop and strengthen capacities that foster learning at every level:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Organizations
  • The wider community sector ecosystem

The LabOA Social Innovation Hub

In response to this question, we’re bringing organizations together to form a learning community through the LabOA Social Innovation Hub. Through our work together, we will support each other in the following ways:

  • Deeper reflection
  • Creative exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Collaborative exchange of tools, knowledge, and wisdom

Essentially, we will become a temporary learning organization together.

What’s New?

Over the past 4 months we’ve been using learning organization principles and practices to rapidly develop a new experimental offering meant to help support community organizations in becoming more resilient, responsive, and impactful through the complex, intersecting crises that are affecting us all in different ways. 


Today we’re so excited and honored to share the very first cohort of organizations that will be forming the LabOA Social Innovation Hub with us and embarking on a 6-session adventure in the spirit of curiosity, trust, courage and connection, to generate new possibilities together. They are:

  • Accès bénévolat
  • Association lavalloise des parents et amis pour le bien-être mental
  • articule
  • Corbeille de Pain Lac St-Louis
  • Dispensaire Diététique de Montréal
  • Famijeunes
  • Le Projet Harmonie
  • La P’tite Maison de Saint-Pierre
  • RÉZO (santé et mieux-être des hommes gais et bisexuels, cis et trans)
  • The Teapot 50+ Centre
  • Travail de Rue – Île de Laval