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July 2015 COCo-Note: Remembering the Oka Crisis

July 2015 COCo-Note: Remembering the Oka Crisis

In the spring of 1990, Kanehsatà:ke community members erected a barricade on a secondary dirt road in protest of the proposed expansion of the Oka Golf Club and condominium development onto traditional burial grounds. Tensions escalated to a boiling point on July 11, 1990, the day an early-morning SQ (Sûrêté du Québec) raid degenerated, following a 3-hour negotiation session, into a heated confrontation in which community members were fired on without provocation. Thus began the Kanehsatà:ke Occupation or the “Oka crisis” as it is popularly known, a siege that would last nearly 2 1/2 months and would see the perpetration of multiple human rights violations, all without resolution.

25 years later, what impacts did and does this event bring to the present-day community of Kanehsatà:ke? What has changed? Idle No More and Ellen Gabriel will be hosting a free event around this topic this Saturday, July 11, 2015, including talks from local community leaders and artists, which will be livestreamed as a webinar from the occupation site (HWY 344 West) from 9:30 to 11:30 AM.

COCo representatives and Commun-IT Coordinators Spencer Mann and Parker Mah, in collaboration with QPIRG-Concordia, will be on hand to assist with the technical aspects of the webinar, which will be viewable online during the event and uploaded to COCo’s website post-event.

Don’t miss this important event marking a crucial flashpoint in Quebec history. Click here to participate in the webinar:


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Centre des femmes solidaires et engagées recruiting volunteers

Since 1978, the Centre des femmes solidaires et engagées has been offering a space for all women to meet, discuss and take action, with the aim of reducing their isolation. If you want to get involved at the Centre, there are many types of volunteering opportunities, depending on your interests, your strengths, and your availability. Put your knowledge and abilities to good use! And become part of an amazing team

For more information, contact (514) 388-0980 or info@cfse.ca

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Enquête nationale sur la main-d’oeuvre du secteur d’emploi de l’économie sociale et de l’action communautaire – CSMO

Update: ENGLISH PREP DOCUMENT now available!

L’enquête nationale du CSMO-ÉSAC ayant pour titre Les Repères en économie sociale et en action communautaire_Panorama du secteur et de sa main-d’œuvre est la seule enquête nationale qui permet le recueil de données sur ce vaste secteur d’emploi. Plus vous serez nombreux à y participer, plus il sera possible d’obtenir des données sectorielles justes, précises et rendant compte de votre réalité. Pour compléter le questionnaire en ligne, il vous suffit de cliquer sur l’hyperlien suivant :


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