June 2013 E-bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s June E-bulletin!

COCo Note

Who are we missing? A Call for critical reflection in our community groups:

For many organizations June is the month of Annual General Meetings and Annual Reports. For most community groups these annual reports and meetings serve to more or less regurgitate the general state of our work and emphasize our accomplishments. In COCo’s experience it is rare to see community groups use annual reports and meetings as opportunities for critical reflection and engagement with our members and allies. Rarely do we find a page in an Annual Report titled “What we are struggling with” or an agenda point in an AGM titled “Who are we missing?”.

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COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

COCo is looking for a Participatory Videographer for our Communities Connecting the Digital Dots Project!

Communities Connecting the Digital Dots is a project funded by Heritage Canada. It is an opportunity for 12 Anglophone community groups in Québec (3 per session) to participate in an intensive, month-long video training. At the end of each session, one online video explaining key concepts regarding technology-use and social media methods for non-profits and grassroots organizations will be produced …

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Université Populaire From individual activism to collective action

The creation and renewal of tactics and practices in social movements today. What does activism look like today, and why do we do it? What are the emergent strategies and tactics ? Can we renconcile social transformation and professionalization ?

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COCo is looking for a communications coordinator

This is a permanent position at 28 hours/week. Occasional evening and weekend work is required, as well as travel within the province. Salary: $29.29/hour, with some benefits.

Start date: 6th of AUGUST, 2013.

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Community Events

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Job Offers

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Other Community Postings

WANTED: Two organizations for a learning partnership

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Charity looking to share space, services and costs with non profit in Central Montreal – June

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Seeking Volunteer Web Developer Seeking Volunteer Web Developer

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Looking for a job? YES provides free online job postings for job seekers & companies

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