La Journée sur la Conjoncture

COCo was at La Journée sur la Conjoncture on the 21st of November at Centre St-Pierre organized by la TROVEP (Table régionale des organismes volontaires en éducation populaire).The objective of the gathering was to get participants to gain new perspectives, think critically and connect with one another across movements.   
Panelists from organizations ranging from FRAPRU to CSNIRIS Institut de Recherche et d’innovation socialeMouvement Action Chômage and Fédération québécoise du planning des naissances were invited to present their perspectives in relation to 1) the”printemps érable”, the consequences of the September provincial election and the recent provincial budget; 2) responses and next steps; and 3) the federal context: threats and next steps. 
The dynamic discussion featured analyses of last spring’s events and the massive citizens uprisings, a  perceived uprising of the right/conservative ideas, what ‘new political orientations’ mean for social movements and what new challenges/next steps are looming for community groups.
In recent times, have you had a chance to discuss any of these issues with your colleagues/members?