Les Voix Migrantes: Une Entrevue avec Aadi Ndir


[youtube id=”7AEMrVpsO-w”]


Aadi Ndir of the Immigrant Worker’s Centre talks about the power of using people’s direct testimony in working against oppression.  Many times during the Portes Ouvertes project, the idea came up that listening to other’s experiences is a powerful way to overcome prejudices.  The Voix Migrantes project is an excellent example of facilitating this, and as Ndir explains, was also an effective way for the organization to share the issues they work on with the broader public.  The project was conducted in 2012 in collaborations with CKUT.  You can hear the interviews here: 

1. Travailleur d’agence – Dollarama – de Cameroon (francais):  http://soundcloud.com/iwc-cti-montreal/t-moignage-dun-ex

2. Boucher – travailleur étranger temporaire – Mexicain (traduction anglais): http://soundcloud.com/leah-freeman-1/bread-and-roses-a-mexican

(original espagnol): http://soundcloud.com/leah-freeman-1/pan_y_rosas

3. Travailleur d’agence – Dollarama – Sénégalais (francais): https://soundcloud.com/iwc-cti-montreal/t-moignage-dun-ex-travailleur

 4. Machiniste philippin, rive sud (anglais):  https://soundcloud.com/iwc-cti-montreal/migrant-voices-podcasts-iwc

5. Travailleur d’agence sans-statut – Sénégalais (francais):  http://soundcloud.com/iwc-cti-montreal/t-moignage-dun-ex-1

6. Aide familial, philippine (anglais): https://soundcloud.com/ckut-fm/migrant-voices-a-live-in

 7. Noé (anglais): http://soundcloud.com/ckut-fm/migrant-voices-justice-for-no

(espagnol): https://soundcloud.com/iwc-cti-montreal/entrevista-con-na

8. Travailleur d’agence mexicain (espagnol): https://soundcloud.com/iwc-cti-montreal/voces-de-los-migrantes-30-de

9. Travailleur d’agence mexicain II (espagnol):  https://soundcloud.com/dignidad-migrante/23-08-12-entrevista-h