Looking for youth involvement on your Board?

We got wind of an opportunity for community organizations to bring young women on to their Board – but also to ensure that those young women are well supported, trained, and mentored!

The Organization

 G(irls)20  is a Canadian charity dedicated to building the next generation of female leaders. One of their programs is Girls on Boards program, which supports organizations in welcoming a trained young woman onto your governance board.

Launched in 2017 with the support of the Department for Women and Gender Equality (WAGE), Girls on Boards has already placed around 70 young women on boards across Canada. In Montreal alone, some of the organizations we’ve worked with are AMCAL Family Services and the Centre of Aids Services Montreal. See a list of all participating boards across Canada ( scroll down): https://girls20.org/programs/girls-on-boards.

 How to participate?

  • Welcome a young woman onto your board for a minimum one-year term (with the possibility to extend if both parties are interested), beginning in Spring 2020
  • Identify an individual currently sitting on your board (e.g. the Executive Director, Chair, etc.) to be a board mentor for the young woman

 Additional Benefits:

  • Your board directors are invited to participate at the Girls on Boards Forum in Toronto on March 7, 2020
  • Be part of a vibrant community of non-profit organizations and rising young women

Training for Young Women:

  • Prior to placement, takes Ryerson Chang school’s OnBoard Canada governance course and specialized trainings such as Negotiating, Fundraising, Gender-Based Analysis, etc.
  • Receives one-on-one professional coaching with a senior woman in the field

I’m interested – what’s next?

  1. Visit https://girls20.org/programs/girls-on-boards to learn more
  2. Submit an application: https://girls20.formstack.com/forms/girls_on_boards_board_application
  3. Connect with a G(irls)20 staff member: email Bailey Greenspon, Senior Program Manager at: bailey.greenspon@girls20.org

Testimonial: Hear what the Walrus Foundation had to say  

“It has been really great having a young woman (Alyssa) join our board. She has been curious, and asking great questions that give us all an opportunity to think differently. She has also agreed to be our board champion for engaging more young people in philanthropy, and our development team is really looking forward to hearing her perspective on how we might do this.” – Aimee Ippersiel