Marceau Budget : where is the fiscal and social justice?

The provincial budget was presented this February, and it has implications for community groups. Here’s a bit of information on that, and below, the RQ-ACA press release. The following information is pulled from the French release

As you may remember from this summer and fall, the RQ-ACA spearheaded a campaign entitled Je tiens à ma communauté, je soutiens le communautaire. In October, in response to some of the demands of that campaign, the Marois government had offered 54 Million $ for community organizations. This was to be new money, for mission work and core funding. There was also to be 10 Million $ for acquiring and renovating buildings for collective uses. Neither of these two promises made in October were in the February Marceau budget. 

Further, the RQ-ACA participated very actively in pre-budget consultations, and feel that none of their recommendations for the community sector were heeded in the budget.

The good news for community action is the 6 Million $ for homelessness, and 270 Million $ for social housing.