March 2013 E-bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s March E-bulletin

COCo Note

Join Us to Map Social Movements in Quebec on March 21st


On March 21st at 6:00pm we invite you to join us in creating a collective map of the social movement landscape in Quebec. And we also encourage you to stick around for some food, socializing, and COCo’s AGM! Click here to register.

Practically every season of 2012 was defined by major social movements in Quebec. The year began with …

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Big Picture

Harnessing the power of mapping for community purposes!


Mapping isn’t just useful for helping us visualize social movements. Maps and other kinds of data visualizations are becoming more and more popular, useful, and powerful. Recently the COCo team has gotten excited about a couple of maps that transform census and other demographic data into incredible maps that can give us deep insights in our community work.

Check-out this …

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Close Up

Do you know any resources on Quebec Social Movements?


In this Close-Up we were hoping to share some maps, resources, or lists of social movements in Quebec, but we couldn’t find any! Our movement building team at COCo has been digging around for these kinds of resources for a few weeks, but we haven’t gotten our hands on anything really solid. And so we are “crowd sourcing” this question …

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Commun-IT Tech Corner

A Map of Communications and Tech Trends that Community Groups Should Watch


Still more on the mapping theme… During an interactive workshop on Communications and Technology Planning in February, COCo shared our new template for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Planning and brainstormed with participants about trends and changes in the ICT landscape that we should watch. Check-out this great little map that we produced!

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COCo Connect

Portes Ouvertes 5 à 7

The Portes Ouvertes Project got off to a great start with an introductory 5 à 7. Already some important questions are coming up around how each of our organizations defines “Anti-Oppression” and how to find ways to explain how different organizations put these ideas into practice in a diversity of ways.

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Community Events

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Job Offers

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Other Community Postings


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Volunteer Events Coordinator Needed: Montreal Healing Arts CommunityVolunteer Events Coordinator Needed: Montreal Healing Arts Community

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Call for Submissions: YES Art Expo

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AMI-Quebec Support Groups March 2012


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Volunteer Web Developer Needed for The Montreal Healing Arts Community

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