March 2017 E-Bulletin

COCo Note

You're Invited to COCo's Annual General Meeting!

You’re Invited to COCo’s Annual General Meeting!

This year, our theme is Visions of the Future. Every year, our AGM is an opportunity for community groups to come together, connect, and reflect. This year, amidst political, social, and environmental turmoil, we want to think about how we can creatively imagine a future that is socially just, and where our sector is supporting Quebec’s marginalized communities. As always, we’ll be doing it with a dose of fun– in this case, in the company of space ships, crystal balls, and alien life. Register Here. 

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How to Make Your AGM Great, Not Just Necessary

How to Make Your AGM Great, Not Just Necessary

You, like us, are probably neck-deep in planning your organization’s Annual General Meeting (or if you are even more like us, realizing you should have started a few weeks ago!). It seemed like the perfect time to talk about AGMs— and how to change them from the usual snooze-fest to a really good use of your time and resources. Read more.

What are your experiences with race in the community sector?

What are your experiences with race in the community sector?

This year, COCo is undertaking Diversité d’Abord, an in-depth research project looking into the impacts of race and colonialism on the Quebec non-profit sector. For years, people have shared stories and personal experiences with COCo that point to a wider systemic problem, and it felt like it was time to dig deeper: to collect numbers, to collect stories, and to begin speaking about this together. Read more.

COCo is Recruiting for our Board of Directors!

COCo is Recruiting for our Board of Directors!

Become a Board member at COCo means becoming a part of a community that is trying to build relationships and strength with organizations and movements for social change, and who understand that learning and growth are key to the health of the Quebec community sector. Read more.

COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

How Does Your Board Measure Up?

This article and self-assessment tool is written by Stephanie Roth for the Grassroots Institute in Fundraising Training.

It provides an easily implementable tool to evaluate the strengths and challenges of an organization’s board of directors. It considers a board’s work through a variety of lenses including its makeup, connection to organizational culture and ability to carry out its mandate through specific tasks that are typically part of board roles. Read more.

Job Offers

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