May 2013 E-bulletin

COCo Note

Crowdfunding for Community Groups

A recent conversation with a Canadian-based social movement has gotten some of us at COCo thinking about the potential of crowdfunding. This funding approach seems particularly relevant to social movements or coalitions that may not be formally set-up as a non-profit or charity and that may be focused on advocacy or direct action which can be difficult to fund through foundations or government programs. Of course the potential of crowdfunding is not limited to social movements, thousands of non-profits around the world are successfully using crowdfunding to diversify their funding base.

We thought it might be useful to unpack the idea of crowdfunding into some practical considerations to help answer the question: “Should my community group be using crowdfunding?”

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COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

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New COCo Project: Communities Connecting the Digital Dots

Are you an English-speaking community group? Are you already working on communications strategies but you’re looking to skill-up? Are you an organization that has yet to use social media and wants to learn how? Get ready – COCo’s Communities Connecting the Digital Dots project is on its way!

COCo, with the support of Canadian Heritage is excited to announce that …

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13 Ways to Expand Your Organization’s Anti-Oppression Capacity

This short video came out of our second working session where we asked the question: “What are the conditions necessary for Anti-Oppression to take place within Community Organizations?” After brainstorming about our experiences within our own organizations, and the challenges we face there, we came up with a list of 13 suggestions to promote a culture of working against …

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Other Community Postings

Nominations for the Board of Directors

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Nominations pour combler son Conseil d’administration.

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Interested in purchasing used multimedia projector

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