Whether it be between staff and board or two employees, disputes that arise in an organizational context can be major stumbling blocks, spreading disharmony and tension that can at times lead to untenable situations.


COCo offers mediation to two or more parties requiring alternatives methods of dispute resolution.

  • Based on Proven Methodologies

    COCo staff members have undergone training in the Insight  technique of mediation, one that favours active listening, transparent expression and a values-based approach.

  • Self-Generated Solutions

    Mediators do not pass judgment on a “correct” way of proceeding for a given situation, but rather guide processes that allows both parties to propose solutions together.

  • Confidentiality

    Mediation sessions are undertaken with a special degree of confidentiality that is clearly outlined before beginning.

The Impact of Our Work

Looking at the entire organization we were facing tough decisions and even thinking out-loud about bankruptcy. Without the help of COCo at that point we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Larissa DutilProgramming and Outreach Coordinator - Concordia Co-op Bookstore

COCo is special for us because they are a big legal aid.

Makai ArefPresident - Afghan Womens Centre Montreal

Common Mediation Topics

Human Resources
Team Building
Collaborative Organizational Structures
And many other topics...