Merging Organizations: 6 Insights from the Depot Community Food Centre

The NDG Food Depot Story

In 2015, three organizations in Montreal West merged to create one of the leading Canadian organizations in food security. Together, the NDG Food Depot, Boite à Lunch and Action Communiterre became The Depot Community Food Centre. Since then, the Depot was the first organization in Quebec to be recognized Good Food Organization by Community Food Centres Canada, and is the winner of the Agnes Higgins and Greater Montreal Community Awards. They now have 20 programs organized around the principle of Healthy Food for All.

Merging NonProfit Organizations

In fact, these three organizations made several attempts to merge before they succeeded. What can we learn from their story? What was the end result of this courageous and risky decision? Are there other ways nonprofits could pool resources?

If you are interested in mergers, we also have a legal information sheet on amalgamation.

6 Insights into Organizational Change

This video, produced by COCo in collaboration with the Depot, offers up some of the lessons learned. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!