Call Out For Applications: Communities Connecting the Digital Dots


Are you an English-speaking organization that wants to enhance your communications strategies and use of social media?

Are you excited about the possibilities of what your online presence could look like if you were trained in creating videos?

Are you excited about connecting with other organizations to learn concrete ways to express who you are, what you do, and your impact on your community?

COCo is embarking on an exciting new project, Communities Connecting the Digital Dots. During the course of a 5-weeks intensive training, organizations, gathered in groups of 4, will get hands-on experience in video-making.

They will learn the basics of video production, editing, and promotion by creating a video series about communications technology for community groups.  Participants with collaborate with a professional videographer to produce three videos on the following topics:

  • Boosting website performance and reach
  • Practical and effective approaches to Social Media
  • Finding the right Communications and Marketing Mix

COCo is looking for 12 English-speaking organizations who are:

• Interested in enhancing their communications skills using online videos

• Interested in training one member of their org on basic video production and alternative communications technology methods

• Able (for 1 member) to attend a training of 5 weeks (classes will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week from 5pm-8pm) starting either on October 2nd, November 13th or January 15th

The applications submissions are open NOW until Friday, September the 13th. This course will be free of charge for chosen organizations!

To be admissible for the project, you have to:

Fill out the Application Form

• Submit it before 5pm on Friday, September the 13th

• Be ready and willing to commit to the training and to attend all sessions (you will have to sign a letter of agreement after your acceptance)

Update: the first semester’s final video is out!