New video : Get to know COCo!

We’re proud to present our new video to present the work that we do at COCo – The Centre for Community Organizations, and some of the wonderful and inspiring organizations that we work with.

Don’t hesitate to comment and share!

We’d like to extend a special thanks to everyone who participated in the video!

Video Credits:
Directed, shot and edited by Audrey Villiard,
with the creative assistance of Philémon Crête

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  1. ricardo says:

    “facebook training agenda”????? and the same video it was mentioned about taking an anti-oppression approach. Have you done research on how facebook was initially funded and who owns this evil tool. Your arguement would then be to support Goldman Sacs’s. Look it up as to how that one company brought the WORLD finances to collapse in 2008 and is blatantly erradicating the middle-class. Don’t be naive – educate yourself!

    I heard that facebook is saving the world.


    • Gabriel says:

      Hi Ricardo!

      Though we’re aware of concerns individuals and groups may have with Facebook, we adopt a technologically-agnostic approach: we’ll work with the software and technology groups want to work with, within reasonable limits (feasibility, relevance, within our own mandate and approach, etc.). We’re not making an argument in favour of the use of Facebook. We’re aware of who founded Facebook, and where its initial investments came from. Technology is often an occasion for us to discuss certain types of privilege that can grant one greater access to it, such as age, education, revenue, class, and your physical (geographic) location, for instace. If there are other anti-oppression issues you would like to discuss with us in relation to Facebook or would like to see us discuss with groups, let us know. You can contact us at

      – Gabriel

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