From New York to Parc Extension: The Right to Housing

Next week, COCo is looking forward to co-hosting alongside the Comité Action Parc Extension, a discussion between members of Movement for Justice en El Barrio and citizens and organizers of Parc Extension about housing rights. Movement for Justice in El Barrio is an organization based in East Harlem, who have led inspiring, bottom up struggles against gentrification in New York.  The workshop, which will include some short films, will be a space for residents and organizers from Parc Ex& Villeray to exchange with activists from south of the border.

The event will take place at the William Hingston Center, 419 St Roch, in Parc Ex, from 9am-12pm on Thursday November 23rd 

A few key details:

  • The venue is wheelchair accessible, and we will serve lunch afterwards
  • The event will be in English with translation into French
  • We are asking people to confirm their attendance by email or phone at or 514-278-6028.

The day before, COCo is hosting another event with Movement for Justice in El Barrio, in Little Burgundy- addressing instead the question of how to do widespread mobilization to get neighbourhoods involved in the struggle for social justice. You can find information on that event here.

This event is held with the collaboration of the Concordia University’s Office of Community Engagement and the Center for Community Organizations (COCo), with the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio is a uniquely inspiring organization, led by hundreds of women of colour living in the working class immigrant communities of East Harlem. Among other things, MJB’s practice of direct democracy, the remarkable success of their bottom-up organizing, and the victories they have had fighting for housing rights in their community, are reasons to come and learn from their tactics and strategies.