Decision Making Strategies And Consensus Decision Making

This resource provides an overview of different aspects of decision-making and briefly explores strategies and tools for each aspect of decision-making.  The resource is particularly useful for exploring more of the details of consensus decision-making.

In many ways, decision-making in groups is a continuous process which begins in the way that agenda items are framed and introduced and continues through the implementation and evaluation of the action. This resource explores the process of decision-making through the following sections: 1

  1. Phases leading to a decision-making point
  2.  Modes of decision-making
  3. The dissent – consent continuum
  4. Indicating dissent / consent
  5. Gearing decision-making
  6. Gathering information
  7. The process of revision
  8. Remembering decisions
  9. Implementing decisions

Notes on Decision Making in English and French – PDF