October 2013 E-bulletin


Facing the Quebec Charter of Values as Community Organizations


By now, the proposed Quebec Charter of Values has been the talk of the country for over a month and needs little to no introduction. Community organizations have been buzzing as well, including interesting internal discussions at COCo. We wanted to share with you our interrogations around the …

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COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!


COCo welcomes 3 new staff this Fall!


COCo is excited to welcome three new staff this fall! Gabriel has joined the team as COCo’s new Communications Coordinator and will also be busy with contracts, trainings, and info-sessions through Commun-IT. Brandon is hard at work on COCo’s tools and outreach efforts as our new Assistant Communications Coordinator. Audrey is already immersed in a number of workshops, trainings, and …

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Communities Connecting the Digital Dots's First Semester is in Session!

Communities Connecting the Digital Dots’ First Semester is in Session!


Communities Connecting the Digital Dots’ first semester started on October 2nd!

Four community organizations have joined COCo trainer Audrey Villiard to learn about creating their own videos, and to enhance their communications strategies through social media!

During the course of these intensive trainings, groups of 4 organizations are getting …

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Organizations reacting to the proposed Quebec Charter of Values


If you want to know more on the proposed Quebec Charter of Values, we’ve gathered a series of links to organizations making statements, petitions or protests concerning the Charter of Values at the bottom of this Note. We also recommend anyone wishing to consider this further to read the government documents made available online at http://www.nosvaleurs.gouv.qc.ca/en.

Click for 

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Major Event on October 24 2013: Je soutiens le communautaire!Évènement majeur le 24 Octobre 2013: Je soutiens le communautaire!


On October 24th, la Table and the CTROC are inviting all the actors of the autonomous community action sector to participate in a gathering to unify for better recognition and financing!

The gathering will take place in the city of Québec, starting at 11:30 am at Place Geroges-V (Grande-Allée Est). A short march (30 minutes) will follow, ending at the …

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Anti-Oppression tools on the COCo website


Given the topic of this month’s E-Bulletin COCo Note (October 2013: Facing the Quebec Charter of Values as Community Organizations), we thought it could be practical to highlight several Anti-Oppression tools and ressources we have on our website.

Click here for a collection of Anti-Oppression ressources.

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Community Events

If you have enabled images for this email then you will see a listing of community events below.  Click on the calendar image below or click here to browse events on the Community Calendar on COCo’s website.

Job Offers

If you have enabled images for this email then you will see a listing of job postings below.  Note that the job postings are presented according to their application deadline, however YOU MUST view the full postings on the COCo website to ensure that you meet the application deadline.

Other Community Postings

CDEC Centre-Sud / Plateau Mont-Royal’s new office space

Now located on 425 Sherbrooke E. #11, the CDEC Centre-Sud / Plateau Mont-Royal have been hearing a lot of good feedback concerning the new office space they moved into this Summer.

The CDEC is the CLD (Centre local de développement) for the Ville-Marie Borough Centre-Sud sector as well as for the Plateau Mont-Royal.

For more info: http://cdec-cspmr.org/

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Press release – COMACO

(French Only)

La Coalition pour le maintien dans la communauté (COMACO) dénonce la décision de
l’Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal de mettre à l’amende les
Centres de santé et de services sociaux qui seront incapables de retirer des hôpitaux
les personnes aînées en huit jours et de leur offrir des soins à …

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