October 2017 E-Bulletin

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Commit to the Community Sector! Upcoming Demonstrations and Actions

Commit to the Community Sector! Upcoming Demonstrations and Actions

Over the last decades, we have seen brutal budgetary cuts to social services and to non-profit funding. It puts community groups in a double bind: doing more work to reach people who are no longer being served by the public sector, with less resources than we ever had before.

As innovative, efficient, and creative community groups are at making a dollar stretch a very, very long way, there is a limit to how much can be done with so little. For the last several years, a coalition of Quebec-based community groups have been getting together to build a movement for better funding and support of community-based service providers, and of public services, including the first community-sector strikes, national demonstrations, and media campaigns. The campaign has some very specific goals: Read more.

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Participate in the Commission on Racism in Quebec!

We are excited to announce that the Centre for Community Organizations (COCo) and the Disabled Women’s Network Canada (DAWN) have been accepted to host 3 consultations as part of Quebec’s inquiry into Systemic Discrimination and Racism, focusing particularly on discrimination in the workplace in the nonprofit and public sector.  We are seeking people who have worked, or having been trying to access work, in the public or nonprofit sector in the past 3 years to contribute to our research.

These consultations are specifically meant for women who are racialized, who are Deaf and/or live with disability– a term we use broadly and define further below. Interested in participating? Register here. 

Read more.

COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

Our CoClicCo Social Media Trainings are Back!

Our CoClicCo Social Media Trainings are Back!

For a second year, COCo will be offering a series of trainings about social media for community organizations. This series of 4 short and interactive learning capsules, adapted to the context of community groups, aims to explore the opportunities social media can offer for the community sector and to deepen your comfort with the tools available.  We want to answer the question: how can Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms be powerful tools for our outreach, our mobilization, and sharing our impact?

“The sessions were really great, easy to understand, and easy to ask questions”

Each training costs $75.00, but you can buy a ticket for all 4 for $200. If you want to register for all four training, simply click on the blue button “Selectionnez une date”, choose one of the available dates, and click “Billet”. You can then choose the option “Quatre formations à prix réduit”.

“The four sessions allowed me to learn-while-doing! I was able to put into application the my learnings all the way through the process” 

Register on Eventbrite, here.

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Being a Trans Friendly Workplace

This month, we had two resources come across our desks that aimed to provide guidelines for organizations who are committed to creating a trans-friendly workplace.

The first resource, “How to be a Trans-Friendly Employer“, is a brief, but helpful guide to trans-friendly human resources. An excerpt recommendation:

Note that applications from minority groups are welcome, and list some examples, including transgender people. Don’t rely on using the acronym LGBT as many trans people have had disappointing experiences with people who say that but only really mean ‘gay’.

Read more.

Job Offers

If you have enabled images for this email then you will see a listing of job postings below.  Note that the job postings are presented according to their application deadline, however YOU MUST view the full postings on the COCo website to ensure that you meet the application deadline.