Low-cost computers and tech accessories for Quebec non-profits

Great news! OPEQ and Insertech are offering low-cost computers and a wide range of tech accessories for Quebec non-profits.

Over time, Ordinateurs pour les Écoles du Québec (OPEQ) have been helping non-profits by distributing over 200 000 computers and other technological supplies.

How it works?

OPEQ recycles donations from corporate partners or public institutions and refurbishes them in workshops located around the province. Most categories of community organizations are eligible, and they also service libraries, daycares, housing coops and low-income families. It is Eco-responsible, and inclusive to those that cannot afford such technology.

Check out their website  or view their catalogue.

Insertech follows a similar model as OPEQ, but is more geared towards a general public. They also have a physical store, and offer discount for registered-non-profits.

OPEQ and Insertech follow a social insertion model by offering guided training and tech skills!

Check out Insertech online.