The Research Project

The Centre for Community Organizations (COCo) began the community-based action research project “In the Know: Identifying multiple aspects of Québec’s community sector” in October of 2008 to help develop a better understanding of the diversity of groups working for social change in Québec. The study, funded and supported by the Secretariat à l’Action Communautaire Autonome et aux Initiatives Sociales (SACAIS), aimed to survey English-speaking, bilingual and ethno-cultural community groups across Québec over a 3 year period. The research was carried out between 2009 and 2012.

The Diversity of Quebec’s Community Sector

Since its inception in 2000, COCo has identified trends within groups that are part of its network: the “ethnocultural, bilingual and English-speaking community groups” (Blumel & Ravensbergen, 2011, p. 2). Through its work with approximately 400 groups per year, COCo suspected that these groups are more diverse in their services and programs, less connected to formal networks in Québec and working with less government funding than their francophone counterparts. While not all groups want to be connected to formal networks or government funding, there are those in the COCo network who do. After organizing two forums about government funding, it became obvious to COCo that most groups in their network have little knowledge of SACAIS, Québec government funding or the formal network system that exists among community groups in Québec. Discussions between COCo and SACAIS officials identified the need to more fully document the reality of English-speaking, bilingual and ethno-cultural groups. In the Know has sought to do this. This page contains all of the fruit of that research project: our interactive map; final report; executive summary and community primer.

In the Know Interactive Map of Anglophone & Ethnocultural Community Groups

In The Know Community Primer:

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In The Know Executive Summary:

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In the Know Full Report:

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