Rose-Anne St-Paul (she/her) wants to support you in pursuing a life that is aligned with your values, which is not easy or straightforward under oppressive systems and narratives. Whether it is through starting and operating a social-justice oriented initiative or through engaging with those closest to us, living our beliefs can take determination and work. For most of us, the distinction between the care we put in one sphere is not so different from the care we put in another. In her practice as a facilitator, Rose-Anne uses non-judgmental active listening to meet people where they are and provides coaching, training and consultations related to human resources, strategizing and visioning. Outside of COCo, she currently offers active listening, counseling or psychotherapy to individuals in her communities looking for mental health support. She was born and raised in Tiohtià:ke (‘Montréal’), from a Haitian middle-class background, and is deeply inspired by gardens, Afrodiasporic music and her elders’ stories.

Languages: French, English, Haitian Creole, Spanish

Skill Areas: Strategic Planning // Vision / Mission // Coaching // Process facilitation // Human Resources // Community research