Pro Bono Hack Sprint

Pro-Bono Tech Support for Community Groups (Deadline September 1st)

Psst… A little opportunity for some pro-bono technical support we thought you should know about.


“Plank is a digital design agency in downtown Montreal. We work a lot with arts and culture organizations, and try to carve out a bit of time every year for pro bono work. We’ve tried a few different approaches over the years, from full website redesigns to one-day hack marathons. This time, we’re doing something in between that we’re calling a Hack Sprint. We’ll dedicate a chunk of time over two weeks (depending on what the project needs) and try to solve a specific problem for a non-profit or test an altruistic idea. Depending on the idea, we might come up with a wireframe, a prototype, a proof of concept, or a finished product.

There’s no theme, anyone is welcome to apply as long as it’s not a commercial project. We want to test ideas that might seem risky. We might not come up with the perfect solution in the time we allot, but we’ll share our thoughts and our outcomes with you.

Sound interesting? Get in touch or forward this along to someone who could use a digital boost!”

Learn more here.