Public Statement

As an organization committed to anti-oppression and social justice, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people who face ongoing and escalating genocidal violence. We are horrified at the scale of death that we are collectively witnessing in Gaza. We grieve the loss of lives – of Palestinians, Israelis, and foreign nationals – who have all been made victims of Israel’s ongoing occupation. As of today, 10 000 Palestinians have been killed in recent weeks, more than 4 000 of whom are children. 


From an anti-racist and decolonial perspective, we cannot ignore the root causes of this crisis: settler colonial oppression and brutalization of the Palestinian people by the occupying Israeli state. We recall that humanitarian organizations Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and B’tselem have classified Israel as an apartheid state due to its system of domination, systematic oppression, and crimes against humanity against Palestinians. 


We support demands for the Canadian government to call for an immediate ceasefire and to recognize Palestinian peoples’ right to justice and self-determination. We stand with Palestinian, Muslim, Arab, and allied people, including many Jews demanding “not in our name,” in the global movement against this unfolding genocide. 


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