Quebec on the Move participant biographies.

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QOTM_Headshot_AlannahFernandez-150x150 Alanna Fernandes is deeply involved in her community. Her special interests are sustainable development and community building. She founded Tierra del Fuego and more recently l’Espace 100 Noms in Sherbrooke. Both are social spaces for the community based on an economy of generosity, which provides an alternative to monetary exchange as well as access to healthy food and recreational activities. She is also part of a pre-school that is intentionally small scale and based on practical skills principles. Alanna is the mother of two young children and works part-time for a local farm providing Community-Supported-Agriculture baskets.
QOTM_Headshot_AlixJean-150x150 Born and raised in Haiti, Alix Jean immigrated to Quebec in 1971 after spending five years in the United States. His interest in community work started off in the summer of his 17 working at a day camp and the English-speaking Black Community. He has been working as a community worker all his life. Alix currently works at Maison d’Haiti, an organization dedicated to the education and integration of immigrants. He is mainly responsible for after school youth programs from primary to high school levels.
QOTM_Headshot_ArminHector-150x150 Armin Wilson Hector was born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and immigrated to Montreal in 1968. He has worked most of his life in the construction industry and has been a fervent activist in the labour movement. His inspiration is Tubal Uriah Butler, the founding father of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union in Tobago. Armin has been part of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers in Montreal and has helped establish connections between Canada and Tobago.
QOTM_Headshot_CherylGosselin-150x150 Cheryl Gosselin is on the board of the Township Association based in Lennoxville and the Quebec Community Group Networks in Montreal. Both organizations lobby for and protect the rights of Anglophone communities. She teaches sociology at Bishop’s University. Her research pertains the Anglophone community in Quebec and currently focuses on the integration of immigrants to Quebec through Anglophone community organizations.
QOTM_Headshot_DazSaunders-150x150 A UK native, Daz Saunders moved to Montreal four years ago as a Deaf Francophile. He is currently doing his Masters at UQAM on langue des signes québécoise and American Sign Language, two Sign Languages commonly used in Quebec. Daz is active in the fight for Deaf equality and official recognition of Sign Languages in Quebec as well as LGBT rights, and fighting against latent homophobia.
QOTM_Headshot_DrDorothyWilliams-150x150 Dr. Dorothy Williams is the Executive Director of the Black Community Ressource Center in Montreal. She is an historian, archivist and librarian. Her expertise lies in preserving the documentary history of the black community in Montreal. Dr. Williams has been involved in community development, community economic development, community capacity-building as well as creating a better environment for black youth and families in Quebec.
QOTM_Headshot_DesireeRochat-150x150 Désirée Rochat is a community educator and youth worker. She has been involved in many youth programs and organizations. Her current work centers around community archives and the preservation of cultural heritage. She is currently setting up collections for various community centers including Maison d’Haiti and Bureau de la Communauté Haitienne as well as certain Anglo-Caribbean collections.
QOTM_Headshot_EvelynCalugay-150x150 Evelyn Calugay ha been a member of PINAY for more than 25 years. PINAY is a Filipino Women’s Organization empowering and organizing Filipino women in Quebec, particularly Filipino domestic workers. Most of our members are migrant workers within the Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP). For two decades PINAY Quebec has brought together domestic workers and supporters in their struggle for basic rights and welfare.
QOTM_Headshot_JillHanley-150x150 Jill Hanley moved to Montreal at the age of 18 and has been an activist for 20 years. She has contributed to the Immigration Worker Center since its opening 15 years ago and is very interested in housing issues and immigrant rights. Jill is currently a Professor in the School of Social Work at McGill University.
QOTM_Headshot_JohnBradley-150x150 John Bradley worked as a developer of social housing for over twenty-five years and, more recently, as a community organizer dealing with questions of the social determinants of health and the threats to our publically-funded health care system. He is also working on developing popular education workshops on the economy and the political economy of ecological crises.
QOTM_Headshot_ManuelJohnson-150x150 Manuel Johnson has been involved in Quebec social movements for the last 14 years, most particularly in housing, community development and access to justice. Presently, Manuel is working as a lawyer at the Services Juridiques Communautaires de Pointe Saint-Charles et Petite-Bourgogne in Montreal. In addition to representing individuals eligible for legal aid in civil and administrative matters, the center also works on the promotion and defense of collective rights in order to link individuals’ issues to more fundamental structural imbalances, as well as engaging in popular legal education.
QOTM_Headshot_MichelleDuchesneau-150x150 Michelle Duchesneau has spent 8 years working in the community sector, with youth and families in Pointe-Saint-Charles. She is currently a student at the School of Community Public Affairs at Concordia University in Montreal.
QOTM_Headshot_NadiaAlexan-150x150 Nadia Alexan is a social activist and founder of Citizens in Action, an organization which focuses on consciousness-raising through popular education and lobbying of governments for the public interest. A retired high school teacher, Nadia is well-known for her ardent activism against the creeping, savage privatization of public services and institutions. She is also devoted to a fair fiscal system that would benefit all Canadians, not just the one percent at the top.
QOTM_Headshot_PamelaWitcher-150x150 Pamela Witcher is a Deaf Montreal-native. She is an artist and activist in many movements related to the Deaf experience. She co-founded BWB 3 years ago, an organization which promotes services without barriers, and fights against audism, or discrimination towards deaf individuals. She has worked in a variety of settings: as museum technician, presenter, interpreter, translator, and video editor to name a few.
QOTM_Headshot_ParkerMah-150x150 Parker Mah is a 4th generation Chinese-Canadian born in Vancouver in the year of the Rooster. His involvement in the Asian-Canadian community began with the New Voices Project, which aimed to promote the distinct cultural identity of the new generation of young Asian-Canadians. He also participated, alongside Bethany Or, in the feature-length documentary “Being Chinese in Quebec,” a road movie exploring the legacy of the Head Tax and its effect on the complex and diverse community Chinese-Quebecers. He is currently based in Montreal.
QOTM_Headshot_PatriciaBoushel-150x150 Patricia Boushel has been heavily involved in Montreal’s music community for the past decade. She currently acts as a music manager (Envision Management). She has produced cultural events and music festivals in museums, masonic temples and under overpasses (POP Montreal, McCord Museum), has helped make films about hard working artists (independently & for the NFB), strives for the free use of public and virtual spaces (C.O.L.L.E., Open Source movement at large), has translated the news compulsively (Translating the Printemps Érable, Language & Dissent), teaches French out of her kitchen and facilitates meditation to inmates at a men’s prison.
QOTM_Headshot_PatriciaMurphy-150x150 For the past 30 years, Patricia Murphy has been involved in community organizing and activism in Montreal. She has been involved in organizations supporting the rights and meeting the needs of newly arrived refugee claimants in Montreal and was a volunteer at the Social Justice Committee for a number of years. She also participated in womens’ groups and was involved in the early days at the women’s shelter, Auberge Madeleine; participated in neighborhood organizing in Pointe-Saint-Charles; and in alternative mental health through her work at Project P.A.L. in Verdun. Patricia is currently a teacher in the Social Service Department at Dawson College in Montreal.
QOTM_Headshot_RachelGarber-150x150 Rachel Garber has a deep interest in social justice and has been involved in issues in the Eastern Townships where she lives. She is a contributor to the Sherbrooke Record and wrote a series of articles called Veiled Like Me chronicling the impact of Quebec’s proposed “Charter of Values” on Muslim women who wear a veil. The feminist movement is dear to her heart, and she was one of the local organizers of the World March of Women in 2000.
QOTM_Headshot_RinaKampeas-150x150 Rina Kampeas has long been deeply committed to the women’s movement. In the early eighties, she contributed to starting a women’s centre in Lennoxville and the women’s studies program at Bishop’s University. She remained involved with both through the eighties and nineties. She participated in the World March of Women, an international feminist action movement, in 2000. She supports efforts to promote equity and justice, non-human animals rights and the struggle to combat racism. She is a freelance translator from French to English and lives in Montreal.
QOTM_Headshot_RobertMcBryde-150x150 Robert McBryde has been an activist his entire adult life, mainly involved in the struggle to promote human rights, especially with Amnesty International and the Noella Project, a refugee support group. Robert also founded two environment action groups in Quebec City. He enjoys working with young activists in raising awareness and encouraging involvement in the political process. Other organizations he has been involved with include Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, the Council of Canadians, ATTAC Quebec, andCitizens in Action. He was an English teacher for 35 years at a CEGEP in Quebec City and just recently moved to Montreal.
QOTM_Headshot_StefanChristof-150x150 Stefan Christoff is a journalist, community organizer and musician based in Montreal. He has engaged in connecting grassroots activism to creative arts, by coordinating several cultural festivals. He has participated in various migrant justice campaigns and is currently actively involved in the movement against austerity in Quebec.
QOTM_Headshot_WilliamDere-150x150 William Ging Wee Dere participated in the 20-year struggle of the Chinese Head Tax & Exclusion Act redress movement in Canada. Both his father and grandfather paid the Head Tax and his parents were separated by the Exclusion Act for 3 decades. The discriminatory Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act, which lasted 62 years, impacted thousands of Chinese immigrants. William has been one of the main organizers in Quebec to rally people to the cause and he continues sharing his story through film-making, presentations and, in the near-future, a book on his involvement in social movements and identity development.