Quebec will be hosting the World Social Forum in August 2016

The international Committee for the World Social Forum decided in the meeting that took place on december 16 to 18th 2013 in Casablanca that the province of Quebec was to hold the World Social Forum in august 2016.

This is the first time that the WSF will be held in a northern country. Previous WSF editions attracted from 60 000 to 150 000 participants (up to 20% of which are expected  to be from outside the host country). They create spaces to reinforce citizen participation, democracy and a world with more justice, sustainability and solidarity. 

Although the bid goes to the province of Quebec, the bulk of the event is expected to happen in Montreal.

The People’s Social Forum 2014

Previously the Quebec-First Nations-Canada Social Forum, now taking the form of a People’s Social Forum, will take place in August 2014 (August 21 to 24). The event is expected to attract over 10 000 people in Ottawa.

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