Rental space at ethik BGC – Be an eco-designer in Residence

Are you an ecodesigner and you are looking for a working and selling rack at our boutique ?

Would you like to share the space with like minded individuals, that can support you technically and logisiticaly to grow your ethical-fashion?

Then this opportunity is for YOU!

Ethik BGC has a 168+ sq ft studio and a selling rack space in our shop for rent inside our incubator located at 6050 st Hubert Street in Montreal that includes also a shared kitchen 2 toilettes & conference room. The price include both worksing studio, boutique selling space,online selling opportunities and all utilities including wifi. Designers in Residence will benefit as well from our marketing and sales training and individual coaching sessions. All for 700$ per month (1 year contract) taxes included. For more information contact us at or 514-656-6929