Repairing Relations: UnLearning from Our Colonial History (Open Workshop)

A Workshop on Colonial History

This free workshop, organized as part of the ateliers/c, will ask the question: What role can community organizations play in strengthening relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people? This workshop wishes to put forward the historical impact of colonization on Indigenous communities and how relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous have been broken. Through “the two lines” activity, will be presented the acts of reconciliation that have been put forward and how we can contribute to the reconciliation process individually and collectively. An invitation to reflect and, above all, to open a dialogue on the issues of colonialism, reconciliation and solidarity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

This workshop will be given by Canadian Roots and the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy NETWORK and offered in french and in english.

Key Information

  • Friday, March 22nd, from 9-12
  • You can register here
  • 3575 boulevard Saint-Laurent, bureau 130, Montréal (Québec) H2X 2T7