Map of Quebec Community Groups & Coalitions

Understanding the layout of the Quebec community group sector can be tricky business, not to mention a headache, so we were happy to see this useful tool (in French) that helps lay everything out.  It can serve as an introduction to the number and diversity of community networks, nonprofits, and coalitions in Montreal and in Quebec, all created by L’Autre Montréal. It lists various types of local groups and networks, as well as regional and provincial ones, and some key coalitions are named specifically.

Consultez the pdf or download it from the Autre Montréal website. 

The tool separates the community sector into 3 scopes: local, regional, and national (provincial). Local networks could cover a neighborhood in a large city, or an area larger than a city elsewhere. Regional groups may cover the Island of Montreal, or an administrative or geographic region of Quebec. National networks in this tool cover the whole province. Depending on which region of Quebec or which borough of Montreal you’re in, you can find local or regional consultation tables and structures, both sectoral and multi-sectoral.

Though some of the Quebec networks may operate and outreach only or largely in French, that does not mean they don’t have the capacity to include English-speaking or bilingual members. If the network seems right to you, it could be worth exploring. Some French names usually indicating networks include: Regroupement, Coalition, Alliance, Réseau, Table, Concertation, so look for these.

You’ll find additional resources on the Autre Montreal website:

You can read the document below: 

Download (PDF, 40KB)