Resource on Social Media for Small Non Profits

It is so rare to find good resources on social media for small non-profits– and when you do, the definition of small hovers around “30-50 employees”. Here at COCo, that’s the upper limit of the groups we work with, and many of them have no staff at all. As a result, we have been sending this article far and wide since we found it. As this article says, the challenges faced by small nonprofits are REAL:

Small (and medium-sized) nonprofits have a different experience on social media than large nonprofits. Small nonprofits have to work harder at growing their following and most often the work of social media management is added to an already full job description. On top of those challenges, Facebook reach has dropped to an abysmal 1%. Twitter requires a time investment that many small nonprofits simply do not have. Instagram’s new algorithm will require top-notch visual and video content which most small nonprofits will struggle to create and curate. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Google+, Vine, Tumblr? Yeah, right. Small nonprofits can barely invest the time it takes to manage a Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.

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