Guide on service accessibility for marginalized people and communities

The Réseau Québécois d’Action pour la Santé des Femmes presents a practical guide, created using action research, that aims to promote the accessibility of services and activities offered in the community sector to marginalized people and communities.

Download the 48-page guide here: : •

All women should be able to benefit from equitable access to services where they are respected for who they are, and their particular needs are taken into account. Like other women, women in a minority situation need services that are adapted to them. This is often facilitated through a health promotion approach, such as that of women’s community organizations.

In women’s groups, practices to empower women, such as group activities, help break down the isolation of participants. By making social support their primary mission, fighting domestic and family violence, striving to improve participants’ living conditions, and advocating for their rights, these groups are key players in health promotion.

It is therefore essential that women in a minority situations, who most need to break out of their isolation and defend their rights, have access to the activities and services of women’s community organizations.

Or, order a paper version for 5$ by calling 514-877-0357 poste 227. We hope to make these strategies better known in the community sector to foster services that are more accessible to marginalized people and communities. We invite you to use this tool to improve your practices and/or to train your new employees or volunteers.

Download (PDF, 2.5MB)