September 2014 E-bulletin


Welcome to COCo’s September 2014 E-bulletin

COCo Note

The Peoples’ Social Forum wrapped up in Ottawa last week having hosted more than 5000 participants and 500 workshops. COCo staffers Gabriel and Sabrina were present at the Forum not only to facilitate a bilingual COCo workshop, Power and our Role in the World / Notre pouvoir dans le monde, but also to moderate a discussion about the struggle against pipelines and oil industry expansion.

Read more about COCo’s experience at the Forum here.

COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

Impact evaluation, by and for community groups, for social transformation

If you’re looking to do some impact evaluation work, you may want to learn more about this project, funded by Centraide (United Way) in collaboration with the CFP: « L’ÉVALUATION DES RÉSULTATS; PAR ET POUR LE COMMUNAUTAIRE, AU SERVICE DE LA TRANSFORMATION SOCIALE » Through this project, you can get funding for impact evaluation carried out by a community partner organization.

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Webinar (in French): Sommes-nous en présence d’une nouvelle vague de participation citoyenne?

Whether it is within global social movements or within a neighbourhood or city, some citizens are active and show a willingness to change things. Are we faced with a new wave of citizen engagement? Within this webinar (in French), we will present different examples of citizen engagement and participation currently taking place.

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Revel & Riot LGBTQ resource documents

The Revel & Riot website has many resource documents for community education and community building for LGBTQ organizing, education and advocacy.  You can find the resource documents here :

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Legal Risk Management Checklist for Not-for-profit organizations, by Carters

This checklist serves to pro-actively and quickly verify exposure to liability of non-profits, their board and directors.  It was prepared by Carters Professional Corporation / Société professionnelle Carters. You can find it by clicking on this link:

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Community Events

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Job Offers

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Other Community Postings

Obtain the services of a PR Volunteer

Need a PR volunteer? PR consultant Richard Andrews teaches part-time at McGill University and encourages students to volunteer their services to not-for-profit organizations. Class assignments aim to produce ‘real-life’ media releases, event promotions, brochures, feature writing and other communications activities. The arrangement helps community groups that could not normally afford PR services, while providing students with useful experience.

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New Fall 2014 Programs and Services for Job-Seekers, Artists and Entrepreneurs

As one of the largest English-language, non-profit, employment organizations in Montreal, YES offers FREE services and resources to job seekers, artists and entrepreneurs. Get all the information about YES’ programs, services and events by downloading the brand new Fall 2014 Program Book. New workshops include a Pop Up! series, focusing on how to freshen up and improve your job search.

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Grosses Têtes : An advertisement agency for non-profits

Grosses Tetes provides non-profit organizations efficient and strategic services for their advertisement needs. On one hand, interns are gaining real-life experience while improving their leadership and team building skills. On the other hand, they are contributing to building strategies by providing the non-profits with innovative advertisement tools. Read an interview with the Grosses Tetes Founder here.

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Be a Better Self

The Family Resource Center is offering teenagers, young adults and adults the opportunity to learn valuable skills to make life easier. How do I organize myself and make use of my time efficiently. How do I advocate for myself and am I working well with my friends and colleagues?

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Social & Study Skills Groups

The Family Resource Center have seen many students having difficulty building the skills necessary to reach academic success such as organizational skills, time management, and test-taking, to name but a few. We are proud to announce that we are able to offer an interactive Social & Study Skills program. Registration has begun to French and English students 6-12.

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Parental Support

Starting September 24, The Family Resource Center is offering a parental group for participants who would like to strengthen their skills in discipline, decision making and advocating for your child in school. This 8 week course is open and will be facilitated in English.

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