September 2012 E-bulletin

September 2012

Welcome to this month’s COCo ebulletin!

As fall kicks in and we gear up for another season of building and sustaining our community groups and organizations, we’re thinking about what our work would like if our technological capacity were a little more, shall we say, robust. In this issue of our ebulletin we explore initiatives that are working on just that, including our recently launched pilot project, Commun-IT. We are also in the midst of a website transition, so any posting submissions to our upcoming ebulletins should be emailed to (rather than submitted online) until we’re live and running. What’s your group’s experience with information technology? Let us know what you think!

COCo Note

Community Groups and the Digital Divide

by Spencer and the COCo team

There is a growing gap between the limited tech capacity of many community groups and the general expectation that every group should have a website, an email newsletter, a facebook page, a twitter account, a YouTube channel, etc. An ever-increasing proportion of the world’s communication is happening on the web and many community groups are getting left out of the conversation.


When we hear these kinds of statements we often respond quickly and defensively: “What about the 20% of Canadians that don’t have internet access?” “What about the limitations of web-based activism and organizing?” We have an intuitive sense that all of the digital fervor needs to be balanced with some old-fashioned community organizing, but the defensiveness that often accompanies these critiques reveals that many of us feel insecure about technology. Most of our community groups lack the tech knowledge, skills, experience, and infrastructure that we need. We are operating on a digital shoestring and we know it.


In an effort to respond to these needs, COCo has launched “Commun-IT”, a pilot project to help community groups take advantage of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). You can learn a lot more on the Commun-IT website: You can also call “Commun-IT” for support and guidance with your groups technical struggles: (438) 808-0636.


Tell us about the tech needs of your community group! Please take 10 minutes and fill out a quick web survey:…. And don’t forget to take advantage of our affordable sliding scale fees for web development, communications planning, email newsletters, social media, web video production, and more.


We kicked-off the launch of Commun-IT with an offer to build a free website for 3 community groups. A bunch of groups applied and we selected 3 groups that had the greatest needs and the fewest resources. We are excited that Commun-IT will be building free websites for Casa El Salvador, The Afghan Women’s Centre Catering Project, and the Table du quartier. Click here to learn more:…


Through Commun-IT, COCo has begun to tap into a network of other organizations focused on the ICT needs of community groups. We’ve been in dialogue with TechSoup Canada (, Platformation (, CDEACF (, Communautique (, la Puce ( We’re also excited to collaborate with community-minded tech professionals in Quebec so please direct them our way!


If you have other ideas for Commun-IT please get in touch. We know we are just scratching the surface so far and we’re excited to dig deeper into the potential of technology and community organizing.

The Big Picture

A few of our favourite non-profit community tech things…

Commun-IT is just a young, local pilot project, but there are some BIG players in the realm of non-profit/community tech and a lot of them are doing excellent work.


TechSoup Canada ( is the Canadian partner of TechSoup Global ( Many nonprofits and social benefit organizations worldwide serve the needs of low-income, underserved populations and create positive social change. We believe these organizations could have even greater impact through the appropriate use of technology. This requires assistance with obtaining, using, and sustaining technology.


Idealware ( provides thoroughly researched, impartial and accessible resources about software to help nonprofits make smart software decisions. Nonprofits maintain a complicated relationship with technology. Most know that software can streamline their processes and help fulfill their missions more efficiently and effectively, yet lean staffing and tight budgets mean they’re unable to devote the time necessary keep up with new technologies and find the right tools.

NTEN – the Nonprofit Technology Network: NTEN ( facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information within our community. We connect our members to each other, provide professional development opportunities, educate our constituency on issues of technology use in nonprofits, and spearhead groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on technology issues affecting our entire community.

Close Up

TechSoup Canada Camp

This fall, TechSoup Canada is inviting community groups and community-minded tech and communications professionals to a one day “camp” to discuss how to spread “Net Tuesdays” beyond Toronto into places like Montréal! Net Tuesday’s are regular monthly gatherings to discuss how technology can help non-profits/community groups in areas such as websites, data visualization, CRMs, social media, digital storytelling, cloud computing and more.

TechSoup Canada is organizing the camp to:

  1. create a space for peer-to-peer learning and sharing of experiences
  2. share ideas and spark ongoing collaboration
  3. welcome & hear from like-minded people outside of Toronto (maybe you or people you know?)

If your interested in participating click here to fill out a short survey:

Community Postings

If you have a community posting that you would like to submit to the next e-Bulletin, please email us 100 words or fewer by September 23rd.
  • 1. New Resource: Resource Guide 2012 – Health and Social Service Resources for English-speaking Communities in the East Island of Montreal
  • 2. New Resource: Unique Mentorship Opportunity for Media Makers.
  • 3. New Resource: PACE Fall Semester Live
  • 4. New Resource: Elle Project 2012
  • 5. New Resource: Réflexions d’ACCÉSSS portant sur la Politique de périnatalité 2008-2018
  • 6. New Resource: Free human rights workshops for community organizations, Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse
  • 7. Job Offer: Bookkeeper, CUTV
  • 8. Job Offer: Street Work Campaign Coordinator, Head and Hands
  • 9. Job Offer: Organisateur(trice) campagne de financement, À deux mains
  • 10. Job Offer: QPIRG Concordia work study positions
  • 11. Job Offer: Director of Urban Agriculture, Santropol Roulant
  • 12. Job Offer: Interim Administrative Assistant, CEDEC
  • 13. Job Offer: Directrice Générale
  • 14. Job Offer: CHARGE Peer Support and Leadership Project, ASTT(e)Q
  • 15. Volunteer Opportunity: Coordonnateur/rice communautaire francophone/French Outreach Coordinator
  • 16. Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteer coordinator
  • 17. Social Action: Youth Participatory Action Research on Women, the Student Movement & Structural Violence
  • 18. Other: Bipolar disorder: What it is and how to better manage it?
  • 19. Other: Office space for rent – Saint-Léonard
  • 20. Other: Together: Strengthening Families (French)
  • 21. Other: YES’ Annual Benefit Concert & Silent Auction: TUNE INTO YES6
  • 22. Other: Workshop: Taking Care of Yourself (for Caregivers of people with a mental illness)
  • 23. Other: What’s Your Story?—Magazine Writing
  • 24. Other: Call for QPIRG McGill Working Groups, 2012-13
  • 25. Other: Sharp thermal fax/phone machine for donation to community group
1. New Resource: Resource Guide 2012 – Health and Social Service Resources for English-speaking Communities in the East Island of Montreal

The East Island Network for English Language Services – REISA is pleased to present the August 2012 update of our Guide for Health and Social Service Resources for English-speaking Communities in the East Island of Montreal.

The guide serves as a directory of organizations and associations specializing in
addiction, disease, physical or mental disability, legal aid, education, employment and volunteering, as well as organizations and businesses offering services to newly-arrived immigrants, women and children, youth and seniors.

Please consult the guide and other publications by clicking on the following link:

Send your comments or questions to

2. New Resource: Unique Mentorship Opportunity for Media Makers.

Develop your skills as a writer, freelance journalist, multi-media artist, photographer or documentary maker! Join the Community Journalism Across Generations Mentorship Program and be paired up with a professional in your field or career of interest. Participants will meet with a mentor, and receive guidance on a new or pre-existing project such as : writing an article or story, writing a science or health report, developing a radio or film documentary, creating a photo journalism story, etc.

Projects can be completed in French or English. Deadline for applications is September 14th, 2012.

To learn more or to participate e-mail

3. New Resource: PACE Fall Semester Live

The Fall 2013 programming of the Personal and Cultural Enrichment Program (PACE) is now live. PACE is a forum in the School of Continuing Studies of McGill University for exploring topics of interest for community engagement, personal enrichment, to assist in life transitions or to gain practical skills to apply to your daily life. PACE sessions are dynamic and interactive educational experiences drawing from an extensive pool of academic, artistic, and professional talent. PACE is always on the lookout for potential community partners interested in co-developing exceptional educational experiences. For more info, visit:

4. New Resource: Elle Project 2012

It’s time to register!

Do you get fired up about issues and want to make a difference? Do you want to change things up in your life or community? Then why not join inspiring young women from across the country at the ELLE Leadership Training! (Or, if you know a young woman who could be interested, please pass this on!)

The event is free. All costs for attending the training will be covered by Girls Action Foundation. In 2012, ELLE will be a bilingual training!! There will be workshops led in English and French. This means that whether you communicate mainly in English or French, you’ll be able to fully participate!

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

When will ELLE take place? 
November 14th – 18th, 2012

Visit our website for more information.

Who can attend?
 Young women between 16 and 25 years old.

How to apply? 
Fill out the registration form on-line and apply to attend the 2012 ELLE training.

Deadline for registration is September 3rd, 2012.

Who to contact? 
For more information, contact Janine: or call 514.948.1112 ; Toll Free: 1.888.948.1112 

Space is limited so apply now on – Girls Action Foundation’s online community for Young Women!

5. New Resource: Réflexions d’ACCÉSSS portant sur la Politique de périnatalité 2008-2018

C’est avec plaisir que nous vous acheminons les réflexions d’ACCÉSSS portant sur la Politique de périnatalité 2008-2018. Ce document, produit en 2010, a été enrichi ce printemps avec des témoignages et des réflexions portant sur l’accès des mères et des futures mères des communautés ethnoculturelles aux suivis de grossesse et aux soins d’obstétrique.

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne lecture et nous vous invitons à communiquer avec nous si vous avez des commentaires au sujet du document.

Pour obtenir une copie, contacter l’ACCÉSSS à

6. New Resource: Free human rights workshops for community organizations, Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse

The Education and Cooperation Division of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse is offering your community association free of charge a variety of human rights workshops and resources.

Workshop 1: Do the “Right” Thing! Know your Rights
Workshop 2: Elderly Persons: Defending your rights
Workshop 3: A Critical Eye on Racism
Workshop 4: Beyond Appearances: Let’s take action against racial profiling and systemic discrimination
Workshop 5: Discrimination and Harassment in Housing
Workshop 6: Developing advocacy skills: preparing a “tool box” for social change
Workshop 7: Succeeding against the odds: Reasonable accommodations for people with learning disabilities
Workshop 8: It’s not okay to be anti-gay
Workshop 9: Bullying: Be part of the solution

Trainers, human rights activists working on a human rights and freedoms project or an education project, or wishing to develop such a project.

A day or as needed

Minimum number of participants
12 people


Contact person
Shirley Sarna, Coordinator, Education-Cooperation
(514) 873-5146 , extension 505 or 1 800 361-6477

7. Job Offer: Bookkeeper, CUTV

CUTV is Concordia’s Campus-Community television station with a double mandate to provide facilities, equipment and training through which members of Concordia and Montreal communities may gain the knowledge of, and experience with, video and TV production, programming, distribution and management; and to broadcast online programming originating from those same communities.
Our community-member-producers play a fundamental role in the programming produced at CUTV.
CUTV is Montreal’s fastest growing community media outlet, and Quebec’s most viewed campus-community television.

CUTV is hiring:

Bookkeeper (20h/week)

Please see the hyperlink for more information for the job offered.
Please visit CUTV’s website for more information about the station:

8. Job Offer: Street Work Campaign Coordinator, Head and Hands

Head & Hands, a multi-service youth organization based in NDG, is hiring for the position of Streetwork Campaign Coordinator. The role of the Streetwork Campaign Coordinator will be to develop a sustainable funding strategy for an NDG streetwork program based out of Head & Hands. Streetwork services have been offered by Head & Hands on and off since 1970, with the most recent program running until 2011 with funding from the Montreal Health Agency. Following the discontinuation of this grant (due to government budget cuts), the program has been suspended until sufficient funds can be raised to revive it.…

9. Job Offer: Organisateur(trice) campagne de financement, À deux mains

À deux mains est à la recherche de candidatures pouvant offrir leurs services comme Organisateur(trice) campagne de financement. Le/la coordonnateur(trice) devra développer une stratégie de financement durable d’un des projets coordonnés par l’organisme. À deux mains offre des services auprès de la population de la rue depuis 1970, de façon intermittente. Entièrement financé à même d’une subvention qui a récemment été éliminée, ce projet a été interrompu jusqu’à ce qu’une alternative financière puisse le raviver. La direction générale assurera la supervision du travail de la Coordination de campagne de financement; la personne occupant le poste sera aussi, naturellement, appelé à coordonner ses efforts avec les autres responsables du financement.

10. Job Offer: QPIRG Concordia work study positions

QPIRG Concordia is hiring for three (3) Concordia University international student work study positions:
(i) Community University Research Exchange Program Coordinator (I-23407-23)
(ii) Alternative Library Coordinator (I-23408-23)
(iii) Translation Coordinator, English to French (I-23410-23)

Deadline for Applications: Thursday, September 13 at 6pm

To apply:
– Please send a CV, cover letter and indication of your work study eligibility to Indicate the job position(s) you are applying for in the subject line.
– Drop off a CV, cover letter and indication of workstudy eligibility at our office during business hours (Monday to Thursday, 12-6pm).

Contract and Eligibility Details: Please note that this position is open to Concordia students approved for International Work Study Positions only (projects beginning with the letter I). For more information about the work-study program, please visit:

Duration: September 2012 – April 2013

Employment Equity: QPIRG Concordia recognizes and welcomes the unique contributions that individuals from marginalized and oppressed communities bring to our organization, and invites these individuals to apply. We encourage applicants to describe the unique contributions they, as individuals with diverse experiences, would bring to QPIRG Concordia in their cover letter or resume. Please indicate clearly in your cover letter that you would like to be considered for Employment Equity. A full copy of the employment equity policy is available upon request.

More info about job positions below or at

11. Job Offer: Director of Urban Agriculture, Santropol Roulant

About Santropol Roulant

Santropol Roulant uses food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation between
generations and cultures. Creatively and collaboratively, we strengthen and nourish our local
community with our novel approaches to active youth engagement, urban food systems, food
security and community care.

This is a fun and exciting time for the Urban Agriculture Program and Santropol Roulant as we are
in a period of increased visibility, growth and development.

The Director of Urban Agriculture is responsible for managing and growing our Urban Agriculture
Program. Our goal is for the program to becomes increasingly sustainable, equitable and
economically vibrant.

This unique opportunity is an invitation for the right candidate to get their hands dirty and help
co-create the future of one of Canada’s most vibrant not-for-profts. Santropol Roulant is
recognized as an Urban Agriculture pioneer and our ofces stand as Montreal’s frst closed-loop
food cycle learning and demonstration site.

More information:

12. Job Offer: Interim Administrative Assistant, CEDEC

Reference Number: 20120824
Location: Quebec City
Terms of Employment: Temporary (37.5 hours per week)
Salary Scale: $36,008-$42,363 (according to experience)

CEDEC is hiring an Interim Administrative Assistant to work in its Quebec City office.

The ideal candidate:

• Requires a high school diploma with additional post-secondary training being a strong asset
• Has experience in bookkeeping, budgeting and reporting
• Experience in event, meeting and activity coordination
• Strong computer literacy with experience using Microsoft Office and Simply Accounting
• Experience in managing Web content
• Strong Communications skills
• Excellent organizational and multi-tasking abilities
• Is self-reliant and has the ability to work in a flexible structure
• Is able to travel occasionally
• Is bilingual
English written and oral abilities 5/5
French oral and written abilities 3/5 minimum

In addition, CEDEC seeks a person of integrity with the ability to inspire and engage others in Community Economic Development and Employability activities that will generate positive results.

In communities across Quebec, CEDEC shares its experience in planning and developing partnerships with the aim to strengthen local economies and employability of the English-speaking and broader community.

For more information about CEDEC, visit

Resumes should be sent to and include Reference Number: 20120824 in the subject line. Deadline to apply is September 7, 2012 at 5 pm.

Successful candidates will be contacted for interviews.

CEDEC is funded by the Enabling Fund for Official Language Minority Communities and by the Government of Canada.

13. Job Offer: Directrice Générale

Femmessor-Montréal, OBNL, a pour mandat de faire la promotion et le soutien de l’entrepreneuriat féminin sur l’Île-de-Montréal. Femmessor-Montréal offre des services de réseautage, de formation, de coaching, de mentorat, de référencement et de financement aux femmes entrepreneures.

Sous la responsabilité du conseil d’administration, la titulaire de ce poste est responsable de planifier, d’organiser, de diriger, de contrôler et d’évaluer l’ensemble des activités de Femmessor-Montréal. Elle a la responsabilité de mettre en oeuvre les stratégies, lest objectifs organisationnels, le service à la clientèle, et l’ancrage de l’organisation dans le milieu, le tout en conformité avec la philosophie de l’organisation. Elle assume la gestion financière et le suivi des prêts en lien avec le budget. Plus d’infos:

14. Job Offer: CHARGE Peer Support and Leadership Project, ASTT(e)Q

10hr/week @ $10/hr
Deadline: Friday September 7th 2012 at 5pm

Full posting here:

CHARGE Peer Support and Leadership Project is a new project of ASTT(e)Q (Action santé travesti(e)s et transsexuel(le)s du Québec), working in partnership with allied community organizations (Project 10, REZO, and Stella). It is based on the principle that trans people are best equipped to provide support and resources to the people in their communities. Four people will be hired to undergo an extensive training which will prepare them in supporting trans people in Quebec through listening, providing non-judgmental support, giving referrals, and organizing activities and special events. The role of CHARGE Peer Support and Leadership program is to increase individual and community capacity to create networks of support and advocacy. In addition to being involved with activities at ASTTeQ, each Peer Support and Leadership Worker will be paired up with our partner organizations.

Please answer the following questions and either deliver it in person at 1300 rue Sanguinet (metro Berri-UQAM) addressed to ASTT(e)Q, or email it back to us at with your name and contact information. Thank you for your interest!

1) What skills will you bring to ASTTeQ’s peer support and leadership team? Please describe any skills or life experiences which you think will add to the project.
2) What do you think the role of peer support and leadership worker will bring to your life? What do you hope to learn?
3) In your opinion, what are the most pressing needs and issues faced by trans people in Quebec today?
4) What does leadership mean to you?
5) What are your availabilities?

15. Volunteer Opportunity: Coordonnateur/rice communautaire francophone/French Outreach Coordinator

FemmeToxic, un projet de Action cancer du sein Montréal, est à la recherhce d’un/e coordonnateur/rice communautaire francophone. Le rôle du stagiaire, avec l’appui de la coordonnatrice de projets et de la directrice exécutive, consiste principalement à effectuer des interventions sociales auprès des communautés francophones de Montréal.

Ce projet, axé sur les jeunes, vise à développer chez ces derniers le sens critique, à encourager l’implication sociale et à éveiller la conscience de l’influence des médias et du consumérisme. Par conséquent, une expérience de militantisme social ou le désir d’impliquer activement les jeunes dans l’élaboration de la campagne représentent des atouts.

Pour plus d’informations:

16. Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteer coordinator

Ovarian Cancer Canada always welcomes new volunteers! We are looking for volunteers to coordinate volunteer activities in and around the Montreal area. We welcome new ideas!

Our goal is to provide volunteers with leadership, communication, social media workshops because we believe personal and professional development are important.

Please visit our website to see all volunteer opportunities: or call us at 514-369-2972 extension 3.

17. Social Action: Youth Participatory Action Research on Women, the Student Movement & Structural Violence

Had enough state repression, racial profiling and police brutality to last a lifetime? Need a short break from fighting against sexism, racism, and homophobia from outside and from within of the Quebec student movement? Looking to denounce the increasing degradation of health and living conditions caused by neoliberal austerity measures? Sick and tired of dominant media misrepresentation of student activists? Desperate to join a community of other anti-racist feminist organizers to rant and rave and produce art about your experiences in the strike?

Collaborate with a small group of other women (including queer, two-spirit, transgender, and gender non-conforming) activists (15-25 years old) in Montreal who have participated in the growing student movement to challenge state and structural forms of violence. Our Youth Participatory Action Project “Promoting Health through Collaborative Engagement with Youth in Canada: Overcoming, Resisting, and Preventing Structural Violence” will creatively use diverse forms of multimedia to uncover, overcome, resist and prevent further violence against students and youth. NO previous training in art or media production is required.

Duration: 6 months (meetings twice per month); meetings will start in early October 2012
Funded by: Canadian Institute of Health Research/ Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Approved by: Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Montréal (CÉRFAS) CEFAS-2011-12-/85-P
Benefits: Food, transportation, a stipend, and the opportunity to skill-share in good company

Interested? Speak predominantly English? Contact Lena Palacios via e-mail at and provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, and a short description answering these questions: Who are you and why do you want to participate with our team?

18. Other: Bipolar disorder: What it is and how to better manage it?

Friends for Mental Health offers a 10 week psychoeducational program on Bipolar Disorder designed to help family members with a loved one suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Must register. (English; $20 for materials)
September 13 — November 15
Thursdays, 6:30 — 8:30 p.m.

19. Other: Office space for rent – Saint-Léonard

A community organization is renting office space during evenings from 5 to 10 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. The office space consists of two interconnected offices, the larger is 240 sq feet (16.5 ft X 14.5 ft), and the smaller is 115 sq feet (10 ft X 11.5 ft). The office is furnished with a round conference table, four office chairs, two sofa chairs, a fridge and microwave. The space is ideal for professionals holding meetings, client consultations, etc.

The rates are: $ 35 per evening and $ 50 for a full weekend day.

The office is located at the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre in the heart of Saint-Léonard. Please contact us by email at or call 514-955-8370 ext 2217.

20. Other: Together: Strengthening Families (French)

Friends for Mental Health offers a 10 week course in French (Together: Strengthening Families) that covers topics of interest in connection with serious mental illness. Participants can deepen their knowledge, identify courses of action to reduce the burden on families and better adapt to their loved one’s mental illness. Must register. 18 september — 20 november
Tuesdays, 6:30 — 8:30 p.m.

21. Other: YES’ Annual Benefit Concert & Silent Auction: TUNE INTO YES6

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 18th, as Youth Employment Services (YES) proudly presents its annual fundraiser – TUNE IN TO YES6. Join us at the Olympia Theatre for a fun-filled evening hosted by CTV’s Mose Persico, featuring live entertainment by the Boogie Wonder Band. With an amazing silent auction, complimentary food, wine, beer and live music, the event is always an exciting celebration of YES and our commitment to giving young job-seekers, entrepreneurs and artists the English-language support services they need to launch their careers. YES is a non-profit organization. Tickets $125 (tax receipt $100). 514-878-9788 ext 307,,

22. Other: Workshop: Taking Care of Yourself (for Caregivers of people with a mental illness)

Are you a caregiver who wonders when the stress will ever end? Do you have trouble putting yourself on your own to do list? Then this workshop is about you and for you. While we gain a better understanding of stress and how to reduce its effects, we will investigate how to increase resilience and happiness. We will also look at our conflict resolution styles and how to communicate assertively. Spread over 5 weeks, we will look at little things that might make a big difference.
English Workshops: Thursdays September 27 to October 25, 2012 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Call Friends for Mental Health to register: (514) 636-6885.

23. Other: What’s Your Story?—Magazine Writing

Would you like to write about interesting people, events, and ideas, travel the world, review books, attend celebrity functions, go backstage, test drive new vehicles—and get paid for it? Then this is the course for you. Magazine Writing is designed for motivated storytellers interested in journalism, media communications, or freelancing. The course develops the writing, research, analytical, and communication skills vital to launching a career in these fields: former students have used these skills for careers as professional writers, publicists, editors of in-house journals, and fundraisers for community organizations. Through lectures, class discussions, and assignments, the course is conducted as a “real life” exercise that aims to get students published by the end of the semester. To assist students in avoiding the starving writer syndrome, you will also be introduced to the business of writing in areas such as financial planning, tax tips, invoicing, how much to charge, quoting for jobs, etc.

24. Other: Call for QPIRG McGill Working Groups, 2012-13

QPIRG-McGill is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization based at McGill University, with working groups at its core. Our working groups organize autonomously around various issues of social justice, environmental action and progressive research. Some examples of current and former working groups include: Q-Team, Greening McGill, Student-Worker Solidarity, Research for Social Change, Anti-Racist Action, Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement, Alcan’t in India, Fire (Women and Trans of Colour Collective), Campus Crops, Anti-Gentrification Project, Young Jews for Social Justice, and many more.

All working groups are allocated a budget (for projects/events they wish to pursue throughout the year) in September and will have access to the following:
· QPIRG’s many resources (phone, photocopier, fax machine);
· A radical resource library;
· Computers with internet access;
· Meeting space at the QPIRG office at 3647 University, 3rd floor (we regret that this space is not wheelchair accessible).

…and will have the help of QPIRG staff and board members when needed for such things as project support, visioning and outreach etc.

Online application form here:…

25. Other: Sharp thermal fax/phone machine for donation to community group

Older Sharp thermal fax/phone machine in perfect working order, comes with 2.5 rolls of thermal paper. It also makes photo copies, but is not an all-in-one printer. Looking to donate to community organizations, or individuals in need. Can bring the box to places accessible via Metro. Contact if interested.

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