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Social Media Workbook for Community Organizations and NonProfits

Is your social media presence a little… lacking? Do you have a Facebook page that you occasionally update, but don’t get a lot of likes or shares? Do you update it regularly, but aren’t sure that it is actually helping your organization? Are you confused about whether you should be on Twitter or freaking out about whether you should be using Snapchat? Is your boss mostly just copy pasting your press releases on to Facebook, and it’s driving you crazy?

Over the last year, COCo worked to create a social media workbook for community organizations and nonprofits in Quebec. We pulled a lot of help and inspiration from places like the Non Profit Marketing Guide, Non Profit Tech For Good, and Non Profit Quaterly, while also adding exercises and activities we felt would be helpful to the organizations we work with— small organizations, with very few resources. We wanted to make social media manageable, and set you up for success.

We had two central questions as we designed this guide:

  •  How do we help organizations use social media in service of their mission? 
  •  How can we make people actually put these ideas into practice? 

To get the most out of this resource, make sure you are pretty familiar with your mission, strategic objectives, and project goals before you start — or have someone with you who is. Then, make sure to actually do the activities— with everything social media, doing is a lot harder than you think. Practice first!

We will be releasing other resources about social media over the next few months. This resource is also available in French. We hope you enjoy!

Download (PDF, 204KB)