Speak Up! The Popular Inquiry on Community Groups

The members of the Quebec Network for Independent Community Action (RQ-ACA) have an ongoing campaign titled “Independent Community Action: We Demand Government Action”, which is focussed the need for both recognition and funding for independent community groups in Quebec.

One important component of this campaign is a popular inquiry, gathering testimonials from community groups across the province. The inquiry is collecting stories about the impacts of underfunding, and if applicable, austerity, on organizations.

COCo has translated the form, attached below, for English speaking organizations that want to participate. We believe that our members and network—that’s you— face unique and often intensified conditions with regards to austerity and government underfunding, and we would encourage you to participate in the commission.

For those of you who want to offer an in-person testimony, the inquiry will be in Montreal on November 2nd.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Download (DOCX, 957KB)