Anti-Oppression Policy Examples

Examples of Anti-Oppression Policy

Saint Columba House has put a lot of energy into developing and implementing their Anti-Oppression policy.  Here is the policy itself for you to have a look through (scroll through for the English version)- thanks Michelle for passing this along!

Download (PDF, 115KB)

Michelle Duchesneau talks about anti-oppression policy in her interview, here.

Here are a couple of organizations with policies that have clear Anti-Oppression statements:

Things to Consider With an Anti-Oppression Policy

Our Portes Ouvertes project created a list of things to consider when writing an anti-oppression policy. Writing an Anti-Oppression Policy can be a great way to assess the strengths or your organization, and identify areas that need improvement. This can be very useful in figuring out where your organization might focus in terms of training. COCo has since also written on the topic of anti-oppression policy here.

Download (PDF, 440KB)

Many of the groups that we contacted and worked with throughout this project did not have Anti-Oppression policies in place.  These were organizations which, to my mind, were working clearly within an Anti-Oppression framework and ethic.   I am wondering what peoples experiences are within their organizations.  Are policies an effective way of addressing the Anti-Oppression goals of our organizations?  Is it a matter of time and resources being hard to come by for developing these?

We would love to see policies that other Quebec organizations have developed.  If you have a policy to share, or would like to share your experiences translating Anti-Oppression policies into action- we would love to hear from you!