Teaching Community Technology Handbook

Here at COCo, our Commun-IT program is constantly engaged in how to transfer the skills we have around technology and media to the community groups we work with. It is a clear truth of our work that “having a particular skill doesn’t necessarily mean you are equipped to teach it to others”- which is why we are thrilled to hear about the launch of the Teaching Community Technology Handbook from the Detroit Community Technology Project.

The handbook integrates the teaching of popular education greats like Paolo Freire, Grace Lee Boggs, and Susan Morris. It includes activity guides, and engages with the history of literacy organizing and the digital divide that faces so many of our communities.

Community technology is a method of teaching and learning about technology with the goal of restoring relationships and healing neighborhoods. Community technologists are those who have the desire to build, design and facilitate a healthy integration of technology into people’s lives and communities. – TCT

You can access the website here.

They described the reason behind the project as being:

We produced this handbook because we recognized that having a particular skill doesn’t necessarily mean you are equipped to teach it to others. Community Technology focuses on teaching strategies that can be employed to make the process of learning how to use and create technology more accessible and relevant. We believe sharing these teaching practices has the potential to diversify and shape technology fields to be more community-oriented.

Download (ZIP, 920KB)