Surveillance Self-Defense: Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications

This resource for secure communication tools offers tips and solutions for a diversity of counter-surveillance needs.

Modern technology has given those in power new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data on innocent people. Surveillance Self-Defense is EFF’s guide to defending yourself and your friends from surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices.

More and more, we are seeing community organizations and social movements be affected and concerned about issues of security, data, and privacy. Here are some of the issues covered in this tool:

  •  How Strong Encryption Can Help Avoid Online Surveillance
  • How to Make a Super-Secure Password Using Dice
  • Protecting Your Device From Hackers
  •  Using Password Managers to Stay Safe Online
  • Assessing Your Risks
  • Choosing Your Tools
  • Communicating with Others
  • Creating Strong Passwords
  • Keeping Your Data Safe
  • Seven Steps To Digital Security
  • What Is Encryption?
  • Why Metadata Matters

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