TechnoCulture Club is Offering a Risograph for Community Resource Development

We wanted to give a little boost to a project of one of our members, TechnoCulture Club. The project, which starts in March, offers training and the use of their risograph to people who are QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour). If you’ve had a zine project on your mind, this is your chance!

Community Risograph : Zine making for QTBIPOC

Since Techno Culture Club was founded, the organisation has always wanted to foster social inclusion through educational technology so this project is an opportunity for the QTBIPOC communities and their allies to create community resources related to different subjects around Digital Rights & Digital Justice using our Risograph.

A RISOGRAPH is a printer that combines the analog technology of screen-printing with the digital technology of a photocopier. It is a very eco-friendly printer, using biodegradable inks based from rice oil & soy, with registered recycled ink cartridges, and uses between 70-97% less energy than the average printer!

4 sessions this winter

Every Sunday from March 3rd, 2019, Techno Culture Club will provide sessions related to Digital Rights & Justice, for QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) community and its allies* with aim to encourage self empowerment through print as well as providing access to our RISOGRAPH.

Community Risograph benefits (4hrs per session) :

  • Introduction to Digital Rights & Digital Justice
  • Introduction to the process of making a zine
  • Brainstorm, Writing Content, Formating Content
  • Learning how a Risograph works and printing
  • Folding & Assembling zinesBonus : Participants will also have access to our Risograph to print projects outside of the session (prints at cost) during the month of March 2019 (dates & hours to be decided together for better accommodation).

You can find the full information here.