The Collective for a Poverty-Free Québec: A Case Study in Advocacy

Advocacy & Movement Building in Practice

This document provides an overview of the Collective for a Poverty-Free Québec, which believes that the elimination of poverty requires concerted actions, including legislation at the provincial level, that encourage commitment from both the state and its citizens. The Collective also considers that it is just as essential to have individuals who are living in poverty, and their associations, participating as experts in the development of any legislation aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion (Ninacs).

The story that follows provides a marvelous illustration of the Collective’s position by tracing the background and development of Bill 112. This Bill, aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion, was adopted unanimously by Québec’s National Assembly in December 2002.

Produced for the Caledon Institute of Social Policy by William Ninacs, with the collaboration of Anne-Marie Béliveau and Francine Gareau

For community organizations or social movements who are or are thinking about using advocacy and movement building to change laws- this is great read.

The Collective for a Poverty- Free Québec- A Case Study – PDF