Thinking through Privilege


An important facet of Anti-Oppression work is understanding the structural inequalities that affect us all differently.  This is a nice article by George Lakey about the role of people who hold positions of privilege in relation to these inequalities, and how they can play an important role in breaking them down:

The article could also be useful for groups considering undertaking Anti-Oppression training- as Lakey notes:

“A lot of mis-education about oppression leaves people with privilege feeling guilty and second-guessing themselves — in effect, disempowered. Is that what oppressed people want for their potential allies? I don’t think so.  For me as a gay man brought up working class, I want self-respecting allies who use their privilege to advance our common struggle for equality and freedom.”

The author also provides a link to his book, Facilitating Group Learning: Strategies for Adult Learners, which looks like a great resource for trainers and facilitators.