Tips and Tricks for a Fun AGM

May begins and we are officially in the season of AGMs! Planning for an AGM comes with many challenges and lessons. Whether you are new at it or have been doing it for years, you may be wondering how you can turn this  yearly meeting into something almost fun! We hope this can be helpful for planning your upcoming AGMs.

We wrote an article a few years ago offering a few suggestions to help turn your AGM into something great, not just necessary.  

A few tips

The first tip on making an AGM great is to ensure that all the legal requirements are met, without lingering. In other words, less is more. While there are certainly a few topics that are imperative to discuss but not particularly exciting, there is a possibility to go over those quickly and spend the majority of the AGM discussing more engaging topics. 

A second tip is to enliven your AGM is to mention the organizational objectives that your organization has in mind. For example, this year, during COCo’s AGM, we discussed objectives around the planning of our different programs, namely our workshop series: Ateliers/C.


Last but not least, a third suggestion to bring your AGM to the next level is to find a theme for your AGM and your Annual Reports. Earlier this spring, our team took part in a virtual brainstorming session to discuss our 2023 year. We were asked to find 3 words to define the year that had just ended. Based on a word cloud created by our whole team, we came up with a theme surrounding renewal, healing, spaciousness and collaboration, which was then integrated into our Annual Report and our slides for the AGM.

21 words spread creatively and colorful on a dark gray background. On the upper right of the screen, the following text can be read: What three words would you use to describe COCo’s 2023? In the middle of the image. The words that can be read are: sprouting, changes, grow, clarté, welcome, stabilize, energy healing, metamorphosis cocoon, renewed energy, améliorations, onboarding, échange, transition, collaboration and spaciousness.

Screenshot of the word cloud generated by the COCo team.

We invite you to check out the  full article here for all the tips!