Tips for Community Workers During COVID-19

We’ve been sifting through resources created for community workers during COVID-19 (there are a LOT!), and this is one of the stronger ones we found. It was created by UNICEF alongside the World Health Organization. The key question in this document is:

What happens when people have too much information about a problem that makes it difficult to identify a solution?

This set of tips and discussion points for community workers during COVID-19 covers:

  • how to engage with the people you are supporting
  • asking good questions
  • basic information about the virus
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The document (which is short, don’t worry!) lays out a lot of what will be the instincts of most community workers anyways – but in this trying time, it can be helpful to have some clear pathways through very difficult conversations.

Download (PDF, 189KB)