Toolkit on Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in the Workplace

We are long time admirers of AORTA, the Anti-oppression Resource and Training Alliance! They were an early inspiration for us when we started doing anti-oppression trainings, and we are always following their new tools.

They have recently put out a guide that includes a series of activities that can help your workplace take a closer look at anti-Black racism. It also includes lots that can be done as individual reflection.

Before using it, we recommend taking a look at the questions they ask in advance

  • What reactions do you have? What resonates with you?
  • What key lessons might you or your group gain from this activity?
  • How might the racial makeup of your group impact what it feels like to do this activity? How might other identities (ethnicity, class, age, country of origin, religion) of your group members inform this activity? Are there any adaptations you might make to ensure that it is relevant for your group?
  • Are there terms or phrases used in an activity that aren’t the right fit for your group? How might you slightly adapt or change terms, phrases, or contexts so this activity makes more sense for your group?
  • How might you connect the learning from this activity to something concrete in your coop or organization? Are there ways that an activity might support policy development, strengthen interpersonal relationships, or stoke ideas for changes to culture and practices?

You can find it on their website here. We have also included the PDF!

Thanks, AORTA!

Download (PDF, 518KB)