Our Top Picks for the World Social Forum in Montreal

Are you headed to the World Social Forum in Montreal this week? Are you, like we were, totally overwhelmed by the 40+ pages of workshops, discussions, and concerts? Well, we’ve got some good news: we read them so that you don’t have to, and we’ve collected our top picks. Check it out and nominate yours in the comments!

Communiquer pour rassembler
Wednesday, August 10th, 9am-11h30

I’m always interested in learning about new communications strategies– but especially when they are geared towards grassroots movements and engage with the ethical questions that so often arise in communications, including the exploitation and manipulation. -Kira

Preventing bullying and cyberbullying: best practices
Wednesday, August 10th, 9am-11h30

Potentially interesting for all of the social workers out there: some best practices from some well informed folks! –Kira

Beyond the private sector: How can the plural sector get its collective act together?
Wednesday, August 10th, 6pm-7h30

I think we have all been on one of those committees where a bunch of community stakeholders get together to work on an important issue but then it feels like you are moving through molasses–but not in a good way. Working in coalitions can be really tough, and I’m pretty excited about what this panel of organizational health heavy-hitters will have to say about it–especially as we work to address big challenges like climate change, poverty & oppression. – Juniper

L’action communautaire autonome financée par l’État québécois: aberration ou fierté?
Thursday, August 11th, 9am-11h30

I’m stoked to learn more about the history of how the Quebec government came to fund community action in the province, and always down to talk about funding ethics! Bonus: there is an English version of this event that will take place at the same time as the French version (it can be tough to find English info about the history of Quebec organizing–so this is a good opportunity)! -Juniper 

Atelier de sensibilisation à l’écoute active
Friday- 9:00-11:30

Deep and active listening is key for working in teams, having a greater impact in the social justice work we are engaged in and… and it is usually one of the TOP picks community organizations like to workshop with COCo!  – Sabrina 

Another internet is possible: Meet progressive ISPs around the world

Friday, August 12, from 9-11h30

In a country whose Internet is assured by only a handful of corporate service providers, who retain a monopoly on infrastructure, bringing to light progressive alternatives is essential to ensuring a secure digital future. – Parker


Strange fruit: faire cause commune pour un monde libéré du racisme
Saturday, 6pm-8pm

If we want to have more just and inclusive nonprofits and communities, it seems imperative that we better understand the machinations of structural oppression, to collectively invest our energy and to imagine possible pathways to long-lasting solutions. You should also also check out all of the Hoodstock- Sommet Noir events, many of which are not listed on the WSF website! –Sabrina


Audism and ableism : two “isms” too often forgotten
Aug 12 2016  18:00 – 19:30

This “grand conference” around accessibility issues related to audism and ableism features Pamela Witcher, who also appeared in COCo’s Quebec on the Move project about activism and discrimination within the deaf community (you can see that video here), and Laurence Parent, who is an amazing speaker. -Parker


We would be remiss not to mention that we are also hosting two events as part of the World Social Forum: both on Wednesday, August 10th, at 1pm, the first explores how we can support and harness linguistic diversity in organizations and movements (event here), and the second, alongside two other great organizations, digs into consensus decision making and non hierarchical structures.