As many of you know, COCo is very busy these days! We wanted to put together a list of some referrals so that if your organization is seeking services, you have some other leads. There are many other nonprofits in the city that offer training and accompaniment to nonprofits, and people should know about them! 

Nonprofits for Nonprofits

There are other organizations who, like COCo, are themselves nonprofits or cooperatives supporting other nonprofits and cooperatives. Many of them have specialized areas of focus.

Our Own Team, As Themselves

Many of our affiliate facilitators have their own practices which might interest your organization: 

Small Companies and Individuals 

There are lots of great small companies doing this kind of work:

Our Other Services

  • Information Sessions: if you are looking for specialized guidance on a more specific question (1 hour or less of discussion or information), you can email info at
  • Data: if your group is interested in being supported on issues of data (literacy, collection, storage, training, visualization, etc), you can email Michèle (micheles at
  • Legal information: If you are looking for legal information, check here  
  • Resources: If you are looking for tools and resources, check here 
  • Training: If you are interested in attending workshops through our ateliers/C series, email veronicav at 

Feel free to share other great referrals in the comments!