Training involves helping groups develop or refresh skills or knowledge. It focuses on building the capacity of groups to understand and engage with key tools and concepts related to their organizing, processes and development.

At COCo we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to training. Every training we do is uniquely designed to fit a group’s distinct set of training needs. There are some common elements that define all of our training work:

  • Participatory

    Training is most effective when all participants are actively engaged through interactive discussion and a diverse array of activities

  • Accessible

    Every training must be accessible to different learning styles and needs of participants

  • Empowering

    COCo uses an open source model of training in which participants are given direct access to information sources. This encourages autonomous learning and a move away from reliance on professional trainers.

  • Continuous

    Learning is an ongoing process. After training, we encourage groups to take advantage of COCo’s free info sessions as well as other resources to continue their development.

In practice, COCo trainings range from multi-day intensive educational retreats, to afternoon workshops, to monthly learning circles. Check out the following testimonials to get a better sense of what our training looks like on the ground:

The Impact of Our Work

Looking at the entire organization we were facing tough decisions and even thinking out-loud about bankruptcy. Without the help of COCo at that point we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Larissa DutilProgramming and Outreach Coordinator - Concordia Co-op Bookstore

COCo is special for us because they are a big legal aid.

Makai ArefPresident - Afghan Womens Centre Montreal

Common Training Topics

Board roles and responsibilities
Legal Information
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Grants and Grant Writing
Program Evaluation
Human Resources
And many other topics...