Understanding the Changes to Your NonProfit’s Facebook Page

If you, like us, woke up with a jolt to a bunch of changes to your nonprofit’s Facebook Page this week, well… Welcome! Facebook has been slowly rolling out changes to the “Pages” feature since the Spring, and by now, most of us have transferred to the new system. We’ve been slowly figuring out what all the new changes mean, and here is what we have got so far.

Your Facebook Page Layout Is Top Priority

The most immediate thing nonprofits should take a look at is layout. Your profile picture no longer hangs above the cover photo, is bigger, and is now on the left hand side. All of your tabs are displayed (instead of just a few), and they have moved to the left hand side of the screen. Photos are now displaying in a row at the top. The look is sleek and clean, but many of us will probably have dozens of tabs and a profile picture that looks oddly small. Before digging into the rest, spend some time this week cleaning up your nonprofit’s Page to take full advantage of the new layout.

There are a few other big changes that we are still looking into, including that your posts are no longer displayed in chronological order (ahhh!!) and we can’t seem to find the ‘post targeting’ options (anyone know where they went?).

In the meantime, here are the best, hot-off-the-presses guides to understanding the new “Pages”. We’ll add more as we find them (or figure things out ourselves).  

  1. Short Stack has the easiest guide to understanding the changes to the layout of your page. It’s the quick tour to the new Facebook Pages.
  2. This guide over at Post Planner goes through the big changes to private messaging as a nonprofit page. The big news? Nonprofit Pages can now message people directly who have commented on a post, instead of needing to wait for people to message you first.
  3. This guide is for the advanced Facebook Pages user — although it is spare on details, if you have custom applications, or use a lot of video, you’re going to want to take a look.

How are you finding the new Pages?