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Upcoming Workshops and Focus Groups at COCo

Our Focus Groups

If you have attended one of our ‘ateliers/c’ workshops over the past 2 years, we want your feedback!

We are doing a focus groups and some one-on-one phone calls with participants. We want to hear from you about your experience, as well as how well our programming and events respond to the real needs of your organization! 

This year, we are particularly interested in the experiences of people/organizations who are more comfortable in English, but participated in the ateliers/c, which are largely in French. We want to know how easy/difficult it was for you to participate, and whether there are changes we can make to make that participation more fluid (including offering more workshops in English!). 

We will pay you for your time. Interviews/focus groups would occur during the week of either September 23 or October 7th, depending on your availability.  

Email to participate! 

Upcoming Workshops 

Our ateliers/c program for this year is also slowly being rolled out! Right now, we can tell you about:

  • A workshop on data for community organizations (September 18th) 
  • A workshop on the Indigenous Ally Toolkit (November 13th) 

If you are interested in these workshops, email Veronica at, or keep an eye out on our facebook page!