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We Need Your Help Thinking about Learning Organizations!

We Need Thinking Partners!

Are you interested in how organizations learn and change? Do you like to think about what makes it possible for organizations to adapt and manage complex situations? Maybe in your own organization, you have tried to create change, and learnt lessons from that experience?

We are looking for people who have been involved in the nonprofit sector (as employees, volunteers, consultants, or funders) and want to contribute to a research and development project about learning organizations. We need your experience, your enthusiasm, and your ideas!

Context: The Learning Organizations Lab

In 2018, COCo started a research project with Centraide du Grand Montreal aimed at adapting the idea of learning organizations to fit the specific realities of the community sector. We read, wrote, and interviewed, and have developed a theory about “community learning organizations”.

Now, we are trying to imagine how to make this truly useful for community groups in Montreal. What kind of training, coaching, facilitation or tools could community groups use? Are these ideas useful for nonprofits, and if so, how? The idea of ‘learning organizations’ is one that we find juicy, but we’re getting stuck on how to help organizations turn this research into real, tangible results.

The Process:

We are going to use a “design thinking” process to help get our creative juice flowing! If you haven’t experienced it before, a design thinking process is a way to help solve problems in creative and “out of the box” ways. We’re hoping it will help us dream big- and maybe give you some ideas for your own projects and programs!

Save the Date:

Friday, May 24th, 2019, from 9am-1pm
The event will take place bilingually (FR/EN).

Location: TBD.


To register, email Include your name, your organization, and your contact information! If you have any accessibility needs you want us to know about, including dietary restrictions, please include that as well!