Welcome Stella, our ateliers/C Coordinator!

We are happy to welcome Stella Scupal-Hassani to the COCo team, who joins us for a maternity leave replacement. She is taking the baton from Janie, and will assume the role of Coordinator of our ateliers/C series. Welcome!

Since the beginning of her career, her professional commitment has been to contribute to the inclusion of discriminated groups and to foster equal opportunities.
In this perspective, she has worked as a project manager in vocational programs for youth and then as a project manager in career mentorship for youth and adults. After her arrival in Quebec, she joined an organization that welcomes and integrates immigrants as an employment counsellor, helping to give tools and support newcomers in their professional integration. It is with the strength of these various experiences, and her desire to commit herself to women, that Stella created in 2020, (Chut!) Les femmes parlent: a social enterprise whose mission is to contribute to the empowerment of women by designing workshops and events for non-profit organizations and individuals.